Change the way you think about brick
Solve base elevation issues
Durable clay brick siding


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  • Easily installs to all wall types for new construction and renovation projects.
  • Time proven clay brick and stainless-steel fastening system.
  • Does not require any special corners.
  • Clay brick is thru-body color and will not change over time.
  • Drainage cavity behind the brick to allow for drainage and ventilation.
  • Resists the effects de-icing salts.
  • Mechanically attached to the wall with Stainless Steel anchors and screws - not adhered.
  • Easily installed by numerous types of labor.
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions - extreme hot and cold.
  • Solves durability and warranty issues for most other siding products at the grade level.
  • Does not require a support foundation.
  • 3 standard colors and custom colors are available.


BrikCLAD is a collaboration of clay brick manufacturers and a masonry fastening system company to solve the issues with base elevations by providing a durable clay brick siding that will perform at grade levels.

What we do


BrikClad Motarless

Mortarless Dry-Stack

A clay brick siding product that is installed to all wall types with stainless steel fasteners and requires no mortar. It is a simple 1-step installation that creates the rich color steadfast colors from clay brick.

Traditional Mortared

A clay brick siding that is installed to all wall types with stainless steel fasteners. It is a simple 2-step installation where the brick is installed first and then the mortar applied after creating an authentic looking brick wall.